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2017 Salary requirements for immigration procedures

The Dutch authorities adjust the requirements for the various immigration procedures on a yearly basis. The 2017 salary requirements for immigration procedures have been published today.

The 2017 salary requirements are similar for all procedures except for the EU Blue Card. However, the starting date differs per procedure.

  • € 3.170,00 gross per month (exclusive of holiday allowance if the employee is younger than 30 years
  • € 4.324,00 gross per month if the employee is older than 30 years;
  • € 2.272,00 for search year applicants.

The 2017 salary requirement for the EU Blue Card is € 5066,00 gross per month.

The starting date of the new requirements is December 16th for procedures that run through the Dutch Labour Authorities UWV. We mainly apply for short stay work permits via the UWV.

For procedures that run through the Dutch Immigration Authorities IND, like the Intra Company Transferee (ICT) Directive and the highly skilled migrant procedure, the starting date will be January 1, 2017. So all applications that are submitted in 2016 are still subject to the ‘old’ requirements, even if the employee starts working in the Netherlands in 2017.

Short term work permits

Are issued by the UWV. Short term is maximally 3 months. The salary requirements are the same as for HSM permits.

Intra company transferee (ICT directive)

The relatively new ICT directive is used for the ‘classical’ assignee; he/she stays on the home payroll and is seconded to the Netherlands. Maximum duration of this immigration procedure is 3 years. Switching between EU countries is easier. Extensions are not permitted; new applications are possible after a ‘pause’ of minimally 6 months outside of the EU.

Companies that are so-called recognized sponsors for the IND have the benefit of short decision periods; 2-4 weeks. Other than in the highly skilled migrant procedure also companies that do not have this recognition as a sponsor can apply for the ICT procedure. The decision time in this case may be up to 3 months. The IND will always ask the UWV for advice on the offered salary level in cases when the company is no recognized sponsor for the IND.

Recognized sponsor or not, an important requirement for the ICT directive is that the offered salary is equal to market standards. The salary levels from above are the minimum requirements. The offered salary level is compared to that of highly skilled migrants. If there is doubt about the market conformity in cases where a recognized sponsor applies for the ICT directive, the IND will ask the UWV for advice.

Highly skilled migrant (HSM) procedure

The highly skilled migrant procedure is used for people whose origins are outside the EU and are hired on a Dutch contract. In all cases the employer needs to be a recognized sponsor to be able to apply for this procedure. The HSM procedure has the salary requirements from above as the main requirement.


I can imagine that in individual cases some advice is wished for. Please feel free to contact me; you are welcome!