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staying happy and fit

Settle Service: Happy and fit!

New Years’s Resolution 2018: Stay happy and fit!
Working in the relocation business can be stressful and although we love what …

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Scooters and mopeds in Amsterdam

As from 1-1-2018 new regulations will be in place for scooters and mopeds in Amsterdam. Scooters and mopeds from before …

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Holland or the Netherlands?

Many people from abroad say that they plan to relocate to (or visit) Holland. People from Holland (the two provinces of …

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Relocation services and technology

Relocation services and the age of technology
Relocation services and technology are inevitably intertwined.  The way we provide our services  with the …

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The added value of relocation services

Why offer relocation services?
Many companies offer relocation services in their job-vacancies. This makes it easier to find and bind the …

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Closeup portrait of a group of business people laughing

Group moves

What is a group move?
A group move means that a number of people move to another country within a limited …

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Settle Service and Simon

Some background
My name is Simon Maandag and I was born and raised in Amsterdam.
My mother is from American descent and …

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oranje tulpen

Quality; what does that mean?

At Settle Service, delivering excellent services is one of our top priorities. But what are excellent services? Quality; what does that …

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Under 31 years and culturally interested?

More and more people that we assist with during their move to and settling in period in the Netherlands are …

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Typical Dutch

Moving to another country, or even just to another region within a country, means that you will be faced with …

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