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Immigration news; salary requirements 2018

The salary requirements for the highly skilled migrant* and intra corporate transferee** procedures in 2018 are published.
Although the ICT procedure …

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Coalition agreement in place

After the parliamentary elections in the Netherlands, that took place on March 17, 2017 it has taken a record time …

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Challenges in recruitment

Challenges for HR managers
The economy in the Netherlands is booming. Probably as a result of Brexit, many international companies decide …

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2018 salary requirements for 30% ruling

2018 salary requirements for 30% ruling
The provisional salary criteria for the 30% ruling as per January 1, 2018 (not confirmed …

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Caution: scammers pretending to be IND staff members!

Dutch immigration authorities IND has received signals that scammers are pretending to be IND staff members.
These scammers try to have you …

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New international school in Haarlem

Haarlem will locate an international school as from September 2017. This has been declared by Haarlem’s alderman Merijn Snoek. The …

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The added value of relocation services

Why offer relocation services?
Many companies offer relocation services in their job-vacancies. This makes it easier to find and bind the …

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Governmental fees for immigration procedures

Non EU citizens have to undergo an immigration procedure before they can legally work and reside in the Netherlands. Their …

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volgnummer automaat

Waiting time for registration

The Netherlands is a popular destination for international companies and their employees and the influx is increasing. The Dutch immigration …

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Highly skilled migrants in small companies

One of the requirements of the highly skilled migrant procedure is to be a recognized sponsor for the Dutch immigration …

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