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Coalition agreement in place

After the parliamentary elections in the Netherlands, that took place on March 17, 2017 it has taken a record time to come to a coalition agreement. This week the agreement has been concluded by the following parties;

  • VVD; a liberal party. The VVD was the winner of the elections;
  • D66; a pro-European party that strives for more democracy in our society;
  • CDA; a confessional party that sees the family as the most important factor;
  • ChristenUnie; also a confessional party yet more with religious starting points.

The parties are quite different but have a majority in the both the First and the Second Chamber (Upper and Lower House), the Dutch States General/parliament. Please see this background on the Dutch parliamentary system.

Important for knowledge migrants

  • The 30% ruling will be shortened to 5 years in the future. It is not yet known if this will also be applicable for people who already have their 30% ruling granted.
  • The term for naturalization remains 5 years. So if you have the wish to become a Dutch citizen you will need to have resided an uninterrupted period of 5 years in the Netherlands.
  • The number of rental properties will have to be increased.
  • New embassies and consulates will be opened.
  • Schiphol may grow (to which extend will be measured by the nuisance caused) and the infrastructural access to Schiphol will be improved.
  • A tax on flights will be (re)introduced.
  • Most people will benefit from a higher net income.

In the coming weeks the cabinet will be formed and is expected to be presented on October 28, 2017. This will happen on the stairs of the working palace of King Willem Alexander. It will be the first cabinet that he will present.

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