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EU Blue Card; request for input!

The European Blue Card was implemented in 2009. The goal was to have one work/residence permit for highly skilled non-EU citizens to work and live in any country within the EU, excluding the United Kingdom, Ireland and Denmark. It was meant as the European counterpart of the Green Card in the United States.

The Blue Card has never been popular since its implementation. Main reason is that all countries still impose their own requirements to obtain the Card and that the highly skilled migrant still needs to apply for country specific work permits after all.

The European commission discussed the shortcomings of the EU Blue Card on May 27, 2015. The European commission would like to boost the number of Blue Cards and therewith ease movement within the EU for  highly skilled migrants.

They are now seeking comment/advice/ideas from the public stakeholders (employers, service providers, business associations, non EU migrant workers etc.) and they invite you to fill out an online form. This is a questionnaire and gives you the opportunity to send your suggestions on improvement.

This is your chance to change the procedure; please grab it! A good working EU blue card will mean that it will be much easier to employ non EU highly skilled people that already live in the European Union!