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First impressions of Settle Service

Two months at Settle Service

I started working for Settle Service B.V. two months ago. Time to share my first impressions of Settle Service. I can tell you this is the most professional and organized company I ever worked for. Maybe it’s because the company is mainly led by women. I do not know but what I do know is that I have never experienced such a perfectly structured working environment that optimizes my performance the way Settle Service does.

Enforce people for best results

During my career I met many different CEO’s in all kinds of branches.  When I met the company’s managing director Irene Bunt I was surprised how professional and knowledgeable she was. She is able to see the true colors in people. She somehow is able to see, within a very short amount of time, what the qualities are in each and every person she meets. My colleagues are very good at what they do and Irene knows exactly how to enforce her staff in such a way that Settle Service delivers the highest quality of relocation services to their customers. In the relocation business it is a constant priority to understand your customers. At the end of the day this is what relocation providers are judged upon. Does the relocation provider actually understand the employees they help to relocate? How far are you, as a provider, willing to go? Do you think about making as much profit as possible in the least amount of time, or are you willing to provide the best services you can while taking smaller steps and growing at a slower pace than your competitors, believing that on the long run you will thrive and end up as The Netherlands/Dutch number one relocation provider (I think we already are)?

Long term vision

My opinion tells me the latter is what Settle Service represents and stands for. This company wants to be the best in industry and service the customers in the best way we can focusing on the smaller steps during a relocation process. Personaltouch and attention are key. We provide much information, structured very well, so that we have the time for personal contact. We are in a business for and with people and that’s why we emphasize on the processes that concern them in specific and not ask ourselves how we can do the most amount of work done for the least amount of resources. We truly care for our customers’ well-being.  Transparency is one of our most important traits combined with keeping track of the developments in the relocation market. In the mean time, our objectives always focus on developing our services in such a way that we can service our customers optimally, so they can flow through the relocation process without getting confused or frustrated in any way. We are always searching for ways to make the relocation process as efficient as possible, in order to save our customers time and money. Don’t get me wrong, we definitely want to make a nice profit but our customers are always priority number 1.

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