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Fraud phone calls from ‘government’

One of our clients called us this week, saying that she received a phone call from the Ministry of Justice & Security. The message was that she was being prosecuted and the protocol for this was explained to her in a very convincing way. There would be three options to prevent a lawsuit. One of them would be to transfer a reasonable amount of money to the person who called her.

Suppose that you are called by somebody from the Dutch immigration authorities (IND) or the Ministry of Justice & Security, please know that neither the IND nor the Ministry will ever request for a payment by phone. If you are called by a person claiming to work at an official authority, please bear in mind that they will never ask for money by phone, these are fraud phone calls!

The IND knows of similar cases, obviously somebody (or a group of persons) is trying to get money in a very condemnable way.

If you receive a phone call like this, please hang up and  report the scam to the IND by calling 08804-30470. You may also report the fraud at the police station, please call 0900 8844 to make an appointment.

I hope that you will only be contacted by people with good intentions. If that is not the case, you now know that this happens moreoften and you will know what to do.


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