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Governmental costs for immigration applications

The Dutch government levies governmental costs when companies apply for permits. These governmental costs for immigration applications have been adjusted per 1-1-2017. The highly skilled migrant procedure is used for non EU employees who (will)have a Dutch labour contract. The Intra Corporate Transferee directive is used for employees who will remain contracted by the entity abroad.


Governmental costs for highly skilled migrant applications

Per 1 January 2017 the IND has raised the legal fees for the highly skilled migrant procedure with 1,8 percent. The amounts are:

Highly skilled migrants general

Application Highly skilled migrant (with and without MVV):  € 926

Application partner highly skilled migrant (with and without MVV:  € 237

Application child highly skilled migrant (with and without MVV):  €   51


Highly skilled migrants renewals

Renewal application highly skilled migrant:  € 396

Renewal partner highly skilled migrant: € 237

Renewal child highly skilled migrant:  €   51

Return visa highly skilled migrants:  € 148


Legal fees Turkish employees because of EU-Turkish Treaty:         

Application highly skilled migrant:  €   64

Renewal application:  €   51

Return visa:   €   43


Governmental costs for Intra Corporate Transferees

The governmental costs for the applications for Intra Corporate Transferees are € 897.