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Governmental fees for immigration procedures

Non EU citizens have to undergo an immigration procedure before they can legally work and reside in the Netherlands. Their employer needs to be a so-called recognized sponsor before applications for an immigration procedure can take place. The Dutch government asks governmental fees for immigration procedures. Those fees are adjusted annually.

Governmental fees for applications to become a recognized sponsor

Per January 1, 2017, the Dutch government will know differentiated costs for applications to become a recognized sponsor. The amount on the invoice will depend on the number of employees the company has; if it can be proved that the company has 50 employees or less a reduction to the normal tariff will apply. Also start-ups and companies that have to change their juridicial entity will get a substantial reduction on the normal tariff.

The fees from January 1, 2017 will be:

Company > 50 employees: € 5.276,00

Company < 50 employees, start-up or company that has to change its juridicial entity: € 2.638,00

Governmental fees for highly skilled migrant procedure

The governmental fees for individual immigration procedures, like the higly skilled migrant procedure, will be raised slightly and consequently be indexated with 1,8%. The communication about the increase of these fees has not yet taken place.


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