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Immigration news; salary requirements 2018

The salary requirements for the highly skilled migrant* and intra corporate transferee** procedures in 2018 are published.

Although the ICT procedure does not have an official salary requirement, in cases where the general salary level is difficult to determine it is the highly skilled migrant salary level that will be taken as a basis.

Highly skilled migrant of 30 years or older: € 4404,- per month
Highly skilled migrant younger than 30 years of age: € 3229,- per month
Highly skilled migrant lower criteria (special category for graduates): € 2314,- per month
Blue Card: € 5160,- per month

In all cases the IND checks the basic (as guaranteed in the contract) gross monthly salary exclusive variable components (for example bonus) and components that are not monthly (for example holiday allowance).

The salary requirement has to be met every individual month. The salary has to be deposited into a bank account on the employees’ name. It is important to keep a close watch on the actual monthly payment. For instance, we have seen cases in which an employee started working part time because of which the salary requirement was not met anymore! We strongly advise to check if the requirement has been met preferably twice but at least once a year.

Above amounts apply to new applications, as well as renewal application.

* Highly skilled migrants are employees from non EU countries who come to work in the Netherlands on a local (Dutch) contract.
** Intra Corporate Transferees are employees from non EU countries who stay on contract on the non EU entity of the same company as where they will work in the Netherlands.

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