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Immigration to Holland in the summer

Summer is on its way!

The summer period  will start soon and I would like to share a couple of things with you about immigration in this period, as many highly skilled migrants enter the Netherlands in this period.

There are a few things to take into account with regards to immigration to Holland in the summer period.

Whereas the regular decision term for the highly skilled migrant procedure is two to four weeks,  in the summer time the decision term this may be longer because of the summer holidays in The Netherlands; less immigration officers need to decide on the same amount of applications. Moreover, the Dutch immigration services undergoes an extensive reorganization, with the goals to cut costs and to become more customer focussed. The reorganization will mean extra delays in the summer period. The immigration authorities IND have already advised to submit applications before or after July and August in order to prevent problems.

Renewal applications already take more time than MVV and residence permit applications: be aware to apply in time for a return visa!

A return visa is needed when the validity of your residence card has expired and you need to travel after the expiry date. The return visa will allow you to entering the Netherlands again. Please note that also family members need to collect a return sticker if they are travelling during the renewal procedure without having a valid Dutch residence card.

Return visa stickers can be collected at an IND desk, only with appointment, costs are €143. The return visa sticker will be put in your passport and can also be used for multi-entry.

Having said all the above, I wish you a very enjoyable summer period. I hope that you will experience a perfect time, wherever you may go!