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International schools in the Netherlands

International schools in the bigger cities

There are various international schools in the Netherlands (state and privately owned). The state schools usually offer the international curriculum, whereas the private schools offer country specific curriculums. Examples of state schools are the International Schools of Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam. Examples of schools that offer country specific curriculums are the American Schools in Wassenaar, the British School (Voorschoten and Amsterdam) or the French school in Amsterdam.

With the summer season approaching, we notice that almost all international schools in the bigger cities (like Amsterdam and the Hague) have waitinglists in most grades for the schoolyear 2016-2017. As the situation differs per grade per school, we remain in frequent contact with the schools. We keep our records up to date to provide a good overview of placement options.


Outside of the most popular cities there may be possibilities, like in Almere, Hilversum, Delft, Rotterdam.

Besides the international schools mentioned above, there are local schools,  providing education according to the Dutch curriculum in the English language. One of the requirements is that the children speak Dutch. If this is not yet the case, a so-called brugjaar (switch year) will be needed in order to be placed on the school. This option may be interesting for people who have or will come to the Netherlands for an indefinite period or with the intention to stay here. Attending a local school will mean that children will get adapted to the culture and habits in the Netherlands relatively easily. They will also learn the language quicker.

Please contact us if you would like to have more information on schooling options. We will gladly give our advice, based on your personal situation.


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