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Looking for good properties for your international employees?

More and more companies in The Netherlands assist their international employees with finding suitable properties. Especially in the Randstad area (mid west) the demand for houses is far higher than the supply; prices are flying through the roof.  The expat community is steadily growing while the shortage of suitable houses is rapidly becoming a bigger problem*.

Minimum rental budget

Depending on region and city, in the Randstad area a minimum rental budget of € 1250 to € 1600 per month will be applicable.
In Amsterdam rents for properties currently start at € 1500 euro’s per month, with only limited offer in this budget. One can find cheaper options on the internet but most of these properties have already been rented out or can only be rented illegally (sublet). You won’t be suprised to hear that Amsterdam is the most expensive city to live in the Netherlands.

Searching yourself

It is possible to look for properties yourself. Please do take into account that when you ask a real estate agent to search the entire market on your behalf, a commission will be due. If you prefer to do the search yourself this will cost (much) time.

Besides this; some real estate agents will invite 20 to 30 potential customers at the same time to a house viewing. This results in renting out the property almost instantly. Most companies do not want to have their new employees standing in line. Your new employees are special!

Working with a relocation service provider can make these processes more welcoming, easier and less timely/costly.

Searching through a relocation service provider

Searching for a house through a relocation service provider gives a couple of advantages;

  • Your employee will find a property that is rented legally (there are lots of ‘illegal’ properties for sublet on the market!).
  • A relocation provider always acts in the best interest of the employee making sure the rental contract is set up with reasonable/accepted conditions.
  • A relocation provider also coordinates the move in date and may assist with the move in inspection (resulting in a clear report with photo’s on the conditin of the property).
  • Settle Service as well as some other relocation providers offer the possibility to search the entire market while you will not have to pay commission to the real estate agent.

Even when a relocation service provider searches for a house in the ‘lower’ budget price regions, real estate agents tend to prefer the customers we deliver because the real estate agents know that our candidates have been screened thoroughly. This gives an advantage for the employee that searches for a house with the home finding assistance of a relocation service provider.

*Source: The shortage of rental properties  will reach its height in 2018, and from 2019  this shortage will slightly decrease. Capital Value published this report, a huge real estate company linking international investors with corporations.  The shortage of  rental houses estimated in 2017 will be around 178.000 en will increase to 200.000 rentalhouses in 2018.