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Home finding; how to save relocation costs in 2016

Whether you are an HR manager, or you are an employee who we will render our services to, almost everybody gets happy with a cost saving. Saving costs for our clients is one of the key focus areas of Settle Service. In this article, I will elaborate on the new programmes with which we will be able to save you costs. The article is written from the perspective of an employee, because we see more and more rental contracts on the name of the employee.

Saving costs in home finding

Finding a good home is one of the most important factors in the relocation process. Settle Service’s programmes for home finding in 2016 will bring different ways to achieve the same goal; finding the best place to live in the Netherlands. Whether you aim to find a house in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Groningen or Maastricht, with or without commission for the real estate agent, Settle Service will be able to assist.

We will be able to save you money with the new home finding programmes that will run as from January 1, 2016.

Home finding without commission; serious cost saving!

The commission costs are usually the equivalent of 1 month’s rent. We have developed various programmes, that will enable you to find a home without having to pay the commission to a real estate agent. The more active your own role is, the more we will be able to save you. Mutual flexibility is an important condition in these programmes; you may need to take fast actions if the situation asks for this.

Easy and time efficient home finding; with commission

If you want to find a house on a (very) short notice, and/or you prefer to have a very efficient programme, then our home finding programmes with commission may suit you best. Based on your requirements and wishes, we will manage a real estate agent who will search the market for you. Together with the real estate agent, we will set up a comprehensive home finding tour for you.

Service Level Agreeements

Settle Service has concluded Service Level Agreements with a number of real estate agents in the entire Netherlands. These real estate agents can be relied upon. They have the ability to set up good tours and will work on your behalf in programmes with commission.Thanks to the special commission arrangements in the SLA’s, we are 100% assured that the real estate agent will do his utmost to achieve the best for you. There is one ‘but’;  only exception is if a SLA real estate partner from Settle Service would find you a house from their own database, then they will work for the landlord. You will still receive the backup from Settle Service in these situations; we will be here for you.

Background; developments in home finding

You will find an article about the developments in the Dutch real estate market in another blog.

If you have any questions with regards to this article, please do not hesitate to contact me.