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Open a bank account

Take one more thing off the to-do list of your busy employee by facilitating the arrangement of their bank account. At Settle Service we can even organise this prior to the receipt of a BSN number. We will offer accompaniment if agreed upon.

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We congratulate Irene, Annelies, Marije, and their team to this [EuRA Global Quality Seal recertification] achievement.
Driven by an uncompromising customer focus and spirit of innovation, they developed a new organizational design to further increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their services.  Their traditionally high sensitivity to data security made the step up to the GDPR driven changes in the GQS 2018 standard not a difficult one.

Mit freundlichen Grüssen,
Jochen Muskalla – DQS auditor

April, 2018

By Jochen Muskalla - DQS auditor
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