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Rental Property Inspection: Arrival

Upon your employee’s arrival to their new home, Settle Service can provide a consultant who will perform a full property inspection inclusive of photographic evidence to ensure transparency with the letting agency when the time comes to depart. For the corporate client, this service is invaluable in retrieving the deposit and/or calculating of  the amount that employee will be responsible for at the end of the lease. Apart from this, a thorough move in inspection will ensure that mutually beneficial ongoing relationships with landlords are maintained.

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 An international move is a stressful event in ones’ life.  However, the understanding, support, professionalism and encouragement Helga provided to us was extremely valuable.  Helga quickly adapted to our idiosyncrasies, jokes, bad and almost non- existent  Dutch language.  We felt we were with a friend not a consultant which helped appeased our fears.  She is an awesome ambassador for Settle Services!

By Sylvie, settled in 2017
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