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Settle Service and Simon

Some background

My name is Simon Maandag and I was born and raised in Amsterdam.

My mother is from American descent and my father is a real Dutchman. My parents met in Nepal about 40 years ago. They got married and because of that my mother was allowed to stay in The Netherlands.

Last year I got married with my wife from Lebanon. We met in Barcelona. The immigration process took us about 8 months only because we were lucky enough that we could meet the needed requirements. In those 8 months we decided to get married and she had to pass her Dutch exam and I needed a year contract in order to meet the requirements of the IND. The forms and paperwork we needed to deliver was a complex and devious process but we finally made it. What this shows is that the immigration process has become far more complex as it has been years ago.

Settle Service and Simon

Two months ago I started working at Settle Service B.V. and I noticed what a positive impact this company could have had on my personal situation! The expertise of the immigration specialists would have made my wife’s immigration process a lot easier…

It is now that I recognize how important an organized immigration/relocation process is for employees. What an impact it has on the employee when he or she decides to work abroad. How stressful it can be. So many questions arise when entering a new country and that is just the beginning. From there on the actual relocation process starts. This process is underestimated by many companies. Saving costs is often prioritized above relatively small investments in personnel. Anyone can figure out that happy employees perform better. Companies that provide relocation services for their employees have employees that feel a huge amount of responsibility to give back because the company is investing in them. It’s a give and take situation.

Give and take

Well-organized relocation services motivate new employees from abroad to focus on and perform for the job they have been hired for. By minimizing the relocation worries you actually give your employee the opportunity to fully concentrate on the job. Relocation services help the employee to create clarity and certainty for themselves as well as the company.  Only if the different steps in the relocation process are clear and everybody involved knows how to take these steps, a company will increase the chance of the employee deciding to stay for a longer period of time or even stay the period they agreed upon. A happy and organized employee is a focussed and performance driven employee.


Focussed because the employee can concentrate on work while the relocation provider takes care of all the relocation processes. Performance driven because what a company invests in their employee an (responsible) employee will give back in hard work and success. This again is the give and take principle.

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