The 1.5 meters society, we are ready for it!

The Corona crisis seems to decline in the Netherlands and many countries around us. One of the most visible outcomes of the crisis measures that will stay in tact for the time being is the 1.5 meters society. We made a short video about the 1.5 meters society. Have fun viewing it! As said, the […]

The added value of video calls for a Relocation Coordinator

Working from home As many people around the globe, we at Settle Service also work from our own homes since Corona set foot in the Netherlands. From the moment we started to work from home, video calls have become more and more important. I would like to give you some insight into my new digital […]

Plans to re-open the Netherlands after smart lockdown

On Wednesday, May 6, Prime Minister Rutte and health minister De Jonge announced the government’s roadmap to gradually re-open the Netherlands. The basic measures will remain The following basic measures will remain unchanged and will form part of the so-called new 1.5 metre distance society: Keep to the 1.5-metre distance rule; Avoid crowds; Work from […]

moving to Amsterdam or Rotterdam

Virtual Reality Tour | The solution to current travel restrictions

Many countries currently have travel restrictions in place, including the Netherlands, due to the spread of the corona virus. Eventhough the Dutch borders are not fully locked down, there is a ban on non-esstential travel up to and including May 15th 2020. Welcome your (future) employee without travelling! The travel ban limits the options for […]

EuRA Global Quality Seal recertification: proud!

Settle Service has been EuRA Global Quality Seal certified since April 2008 and has undergone a recertification process every two years since then. We are proud on this achievement and today even more as we have just passed our re certification process for 2020! We have secured our quality seal for two more years. What […]

Working from home in another country than the employer

Due to the Corona outbreak, a number of new employees from abroad have not been able to physically come to the Netherlands. Some employers have decided to let them work from home until the situation improves. From an immigration perspective this is possible, as long as the employee has the nationality of the country where […]

New Covid-19 measures in the Netherlands

March 24, 2020 The Dutch government has announced new Covid-19 measures to prevent an uncontrolled outbreak of the virus throughout the Netherlands. New measures: Groups of more than 3 people who are not on at least 1,5 meters apart from each other can get fined. No more gatherings with more than 3 people up to […]

Corona COVID-19 and relocations; what is still possible?

There is a lot of news about what we cannot do anymore due to the Corona COVID-19 virus. Positive as I usually am I am looking for what is still possible regarding COVID-19 and relocations. And that is more than I thought at first. Work from home, even from abroad Were you planning to let […]

From global to village environment – The covid-19 lifestyle

The upcome and expansion of the corona COVID-19 virus has led to a special COVID-19 lifestyle in the Netherlands for most people. Although in the Netherlands people can still go where they want, to the current governmental measures have a big impact. Kids at home All universities and schools have closed since Monday March 16. […]

Corona COVID-19 crisis

COVID-19 is everywhere. Nearly all countries in the world have been affected. The Netherlands is no exception. The number of incidences has increased. The Dutch government and several airlines have published extra guidelines. These restrictions will also have an effect on our services. Measures from the Dutch government The Dutch goverment has decided that all […]

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