Working from home in another country than the employer

Due to the Corona outbreak, a number of new employees from abroad have not been able to physically come to the Netherlands. Some employers have decided to let them work from home until the situation improves. From an immigration perspective this is possible, as long as the employee has the nationality of the country where […]

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Posted Workers

You may already have heard of the implementation of the Terms of Employment Posted Workers in the European Union Act. In Dutch this is “Wet arbeidsvoorwaarden gedetacheerde werknemers in de Europese Unie” (WagwEU). This law was enforced in June 2016 and has replaced the “Wet arbeidsvoorwaarden grensoverschrijdende arbeid” (WAGA). Just for posted workers, not for […]

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moving to Amsterdam or Rotterdam

NEW: VR orientation tours Amsterdam/Rotterdam

Did you read my previous articles about challenges in recruitment and the success you may achieve with orientation tours? Offering an orientation tour may mean the difference for a candidate. She/he is better prepared for the move and becomes enthusiastic about the idea to move to the Netherlands for your company! Yet, we also acknowledge […]

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Responsibilities as a recognised immigration sponsor

The Highly Skilled Migrant (HSM) procedure is in many cases an easy and fast way to get your new non EU employees to the Netherlands. We can assist with this and other various immigration procedures, including the aplplication for recognised sponsorship with the IND. Requirements, rights and responsibilities HSM procedure One of the requirements of […]

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Orientation on the Netherlands

In earlier blogs we discussed the challenges in recruitment and how an orientation can contribute to your recruitment successes. What is an orientation? Online orientation The first step is an online orientation. Your recruitment candidates will find much information on the destination city as well as relevant relocation info in the ‘Discovery’ section of our […]

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Making moves easier – offer orientation!

Specialist job openings are hard to fill as we concluded in our recent article about challenges in recruitment. Many companies choose to recruit abroad to find the best talent. However, the best talented candidates get multiple job offers. How often did you get the question “Uh… you want me to move to… where”? How do […]

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new labour law in the Netherlands

New labour law in the Netherlands

Many employers from abroad find the current labour law in the Netherlands quite rigid. For those, there is good news: a new labour law (the WAB) will be introduced shortly. Both Houses of Parliament (the Tweede Kamer and the Eerste Kamer) have voted for the new labour law that will come into effect per 2020. […]

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school holidays in the Netherlands

School holidays in the Netherlands in summer time

If you relocate to the Netherlands with children, finding a good school for them is probably your first priority. In this article you will read all you have to know about school holidays in the Netherlands in the summer period. Now that the summer and thus the school holidays in the Netherlands is coming close, […]

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The IND fees will be adjusted

Cost-saving adjustments of IND fees per 3 May 2018

Cost-saving news! We are happy to share some cost-saving news with our clients. Recently, The IND calculated new cost prices and announced that they will reduce the IND fees for several applications.  Some of the adjustments are even quite significant. Additional good news is that no rates will be increased. The IND fees will be adjusted per […]

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Inspection visits to recognised sponsors by IND

Extra inspection visits announced A recent study by the Inspection for Justice and Security shows that the supervision of employers as recognised sponsors in its present form is not found sufficiently effective. As it is task of IND to supervise recognised sponsors, they decided to take measures to intensify the enforcement. As a result, the […]

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