Corona Covid-19 in the Netherlands update

More patients have become infected with the corona covid-19 virus recently. The numbers are still relatively low, however this may change. The Netherlands has a structure in place in which doctors, laboratories and Municipal Public Health Service (GGD) all work together to combat various outbreaks of infectious diseases. Multiple actions have been taken within this […]

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Corona virus in the Netherlands

The covid-19 virus, better known as the corona virus, has also landed in the Netherlands. The number of cases is limited at the time of writing. However, experts expect that the number of infections will increase in the coming days. You can read about the current status at I will relocate to the Netherlands […]

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Looking for a job in the Netherlands?

Very regularly we receive the question how to find a job in the Netherlands. The questions come from our clients’ partners as well as from people from abroad who wish to relocate to the Netherlands. Are you looking for a job in the Netherlands? The Dutch labour market The Duch labour market is quite tense […]

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moving to Amsterdam or Rotterdam

NEW: VR orientation tours Amsterdam/Rotterdam

Did you read my previous articles about challenges in recruitment and the success you may achieve with orientation tours? Offering an orientation tour may mean the difference for a candidate. She/he is better prepared for the move and becomes enthusiastic about the idea to move to the Netherlands for your company! Yet, we also acknowledge […]

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Orientation on the Netherlands

In earlier blogs we discussed the challenges in recruitment and how an orientation can contribute to your recruitment successes. What is an orientation? Online orientation The first step is an online orientation. Your recruitment candidates will find much information on the destination city as well as relevant relocation info in the ‘Discovery’ section of our […]

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Making moves easier – offer orientation!

Specialist job openings are hard to fill as we concluded in our recent article about challenges in recruitment. Many companies choose to recruit abroad to find the best talent. However, the best talented candidates get multiple job offers. How often did you get the question “Uh… you want me to move to… where”? How do […]

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one year of GDPR

One year of GDPR; what does this mean?

Last Saturday it was one year ago that GDPR came into effect. Understanding the regulation and living it isn’t always easy, yet it is one of our key priorities, as you may read in our privacy statement. Relocation services before GDPR Before GDPR’s implementation we already knew how important it was to handle our clients’ […]

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Settle Service achieves re-certification of EuRa Global Quality Seal

Re-certification EuRa Global Quality Seal achieved!

Re-certification 2018 We are utterly proud to inform you that Settle Service has achieved the re-certification of the EuRa Global Quality Seal. Once more, we have passed the test with flying colours. Most importantly, our team demonstrates that high quality is our top priority and is entwined in everything we do. So, a great thanks to our entire team! […]

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Technology plays an important role in our lives. In this article you will read how it helps you in your relocation process to your new destination.

Technology and relocation services

Technology and relocation services are inevitably intertwined.  The way we provide our services with the support of technology is becoming more and more important for our customers. Technology tends to make our lives easier, more efficient and it saves us all time. And as we all know, time is money! Most of all, for young […]

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Settle Service provides you excellent relocation assistance. Our team is driven to assist in such a way that you feel we have exceeded your expectations.

Relocation assistance for you

Excellence We at Settle Service feel driven to assist our clients in such a way that you feel we have exceeded your expectations. We think that the quality of service that you perceive is determined by a combination of personal contact and technology. This technology should fit perfectly into the personal contact and vice versa. […]

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