Brexit – less than a month from now

All recent developments lead to that one conclusion that we (at least myself) did not want to draw. It seems like the UK will leave the EU without a deal. Or not? Everything is still possible yet I would like to share the steps to take if the no deal Brexit scenario becomes true.


The Dutch government has sent out temporary residence permits to all registered UK citizens in the Netherlands. When you have received the letter from the IND as your temporary residence permit, we strongly advise to keep it safe. Although you always must be able to identify yourself in the Netherlands you will only need to bear the temporary permit with you once Brexit has been implemented. Furthermore please register yourself at

After no deal Brexit

If a no deal Brexit will be the case then you will need a residence permit after October 31, 2019. You will receive an invitation to apply for your permit from the Dutch immigration authorities IND if you are registered in the BRP (basis registration persons, the Dutch civil register). The IND requests not to file your application before they ask you to do so. You will find more information on the conditions to obtain a residence permit on the Brexit pages of the IND.

If you want to apply for the indefinite residence permit, you will be exempted from the civil integration exam that any other non EU citizen has to pass. Moreover you will not need a work permit as long as you were registered at local authorities before March 29th.

Of course we gladly assist you with your application, please see our special Brexit services.

If you are a cross boarder worker you will require a sticker from the IND after Brexit. With this sticker you can prove that you can legally work in the Netherlands.

Do you have any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us!