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I am looking for housing in the Netherlands

Rental prices in/around Amsterdam

Just another day in the office. New initiations for a new customer. Always good news.
The new customer cannot find people

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increase housing prices levels off

Has the increase of rental housing prices finally reached it’s limit?

Finding affordable rental properties in the Netherlands, and especially in the bigger cities, can be downright frustrating at the moment. The

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finding a home in the Netherlands

The rental housing market in the Netherlands

When the opportunity arises to relocate abroad, energy is boosting and excitement is often the initial feeling. Creating a feeling

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approach and services

Looking for rental properties for your international employees?

More and more companies in The Netherlands assist their international employees with finding suitable rental properties. Especially in the Randstad (mid-west)

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rental market in the Netherlands

Developments in the Dutch rental market

The rental market in the Netherlands has recently changed a lot. And (speaking December 2015) we expect that the developments

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housing in the Netherlands

Housing in the Netherlands

One of the biggest challenges of relocating to our country, is finding proper housing in the Netherlands. With a working

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