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I want to employ an Expat, what now?

What are the immigration procedures for working/living in the Netherlands?

I need suitable schooling for my children

I am looking for suitable housing in the Netherlands

The IND fees will be adjusted

Cost-saving adjustments of IND fees per 3 May 2018

Cost-saving news!
We are happy to share some cost-saving news with our clients. Recently, The IND calculated new cost prices and …Read More

Inspection visits to recognised sponsors by IND

Extra inspection visits announced
A recent study by the Inspection for Justice and Security shows that the supervision of employers as …Read More

approach and services

Looking for rental properties for your international employees?

More and more companies in The Netherlands assist their international employees with finding suitable rental properties. Especially in the Randstad (mid-west) …Read More

Challenges in recruitment

Challenges for HR managers
The economy in the Netherlands is booming. Probably as a result of Brexit, many international companies decide …Read More

Implications of the ICT directive for businesses

Very important: the implementation of the ICT directive on 29 November 2016, has some serieus implications for businesses. The ICT …Read More

Technology plays an important role in our lives. In this article you will read how it helps you in your relocation process to your new destination.

Technology and relocation services

Technology and relocation services are inevitably intertwined.  The way we provide our services with the support of technology is becoming …Read More

Secondment of non EU employees who work in other EU countries

Secondment of non EU employees who work in other EU countries

New conditions will apply for the secondment of non EU employees who work in other EU countries per January 1, 2017.
Example: …Read More

approach and services

The added value of relocation services

Why offer relocation services?
Many companies offer relocation services in their job-vacancies. This makes it easier to find and bind the …Read More

Waiting time for local registration increasing

Waiting time for local registration

Currently, the local registration procedure might take some time. Due to the increased influx, the ExpatCenters have become very busy, leading …Read More

driving in the Netherlands

Highly skilled migrants in smaller companies

One of the requirements of the highly skilled migrant procedure is to be a recognised sponsor for the Dutch immigration …Read More

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