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Rental prices in/around Amsterdam

Just another day in the office. New inititions for a new customer. Always good news.
The new customer cannot find people …Read More

How Brexit impacts life in Amsterdam

How Brexit impacts life in Amsterdam

A recurrent question in social as well as professional conversations lately is ‘is Brexit good news for Settle Service’? ‘Yes …Read More

From Princess'Day to King's Day

King’s Day: orange madness

King’s Day is when the Dutch celebrate the birthday of their king. King Willem Alexander was born on 27 April …Read More

Holland or the Netherlands, what is the proper use?

Holland or the Netherlands?

Don’t you sometimes wonder…Holland or the Netherlands, what is the proper use? Many people from abroad say that they plan …Read More

rental market in the Netherlands

Developments in the Dutch rental market

The rental market in the Netherlands has recently changed a lot. And (speaking December 2015) we expect that the developments …Read More

Under 31 years and culturally interested?

More and more of our clients are under the age of 30. Young professionals acknowledge the positive effects of international (work) …Read More

Typical Dutch

Typical Dutch

Moving to another country, or even just to another region within a country, means that you will be faced with …Read More

Typical Dutch treats

Typical Dutch treats

Each country has its own typical food habits. Discover some typical Dutch treats in this article!
Apple Pie or Appeltaart
Appeltaart, the …Read More

My home town: Groningen blog by Irene Bunt Settle Service

My home town: Groningen

Bruce Springsteen released a song entitled “my home town” in 1984, during which time mine was Groningen, the largest city …Read More

moving to the Netherlands

Moving to the Netherlands: much more than just Amsterdam!

The Netherlands is a fairly popular location for expats. For many people, when they think of moving to the Netherlands, …Read More

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