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The rental housing market in the Netherlands

When the opportunity arises to relocate abroad, energy is boosting and excitement is often the initial feeling. Creating a feeling …

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From Princess'Day to King's Day

King’s Day: orange madness

King’s Day is when the Dutch celebrate the birthday of their king. King Willem Alexander was born on 27 April …

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Settle Service achieves re-certification of EuRa Global Quality Seal

Re-certification EuRa Global Quality Seal achieved!

Re-certification 2018
We are utterly proud to inform you that Settle Service has achieved the re-certification of the EuRa Global Quality Seal. …

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staying happy and fit

New Years’s Resolution 2018: happy and fit

Happy and fit
Our resolution for 2018? Stay happy and fit! Working in the relocation business can be stressful at times …

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As from 1-1-2018, new regulations will be in place for scooters and mopeds in Amsterdam.

New regulations for scooters and mopeds in Amsterdam 2018

New regulations as per 1-1-2018
As from 1-1-2018, new regulations will be in place for scooters and mopeds in Amsterdam. Scooters …

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Holland or the Netherlands, what is the proper use?

Holland or the Netherlands?

Don’t you sometimes wonder…Holland or the Netherlands, what is the proper use? Many people from abroad say that they plan …

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A new international school in Haarlem will open in September 2017.

New international school in Haarlem

A new international school in Haarlem will open in September 2017. This was declared by Haarlem’s alderman Merijn Snoek. The school will be …

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Technology plays an important role in our lives. In this article you will read how it helps you in your relocation process to your new destination.

Technology and relocation services

Technology and relocation services are inevitably intertwined.  The way we provide our services with the support of technology is becoming …

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approach and services

The added value of relocation services

Why offer relocation services?
Many companies offer relocation services in their job-vacancies. This makes it easier to find and bind the …

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What are group moves? And how does Settle Service deal with them?

Group moves

We Group moves can be quite a stressfull and daunting process. Sometimes the entire group arrives around the same day; sometimes …

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