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healthcare in the Netherlands

Healthcare in the Netherlands

Wednesday morning, 7:00, time to wake up. It was a tough night; our eightyear old daughter complained that she could not sleep due to pain in her tummy. After we gave her …Read More

increase housing prices levels off

Has the increase of rental housing prices finally reached it’s limit?

Finding affordable rental properties in the Netherlands, and especially in the bigger cities, can be downright frustrating at the moment. The …Read More

finding a home in the Netherlands

The rental housing market in the Netherlands

When the opportunity arises to relocate abroad, energy is boosting and excitement is often the initial feeling. Creating a feeling …Read More

As from 1-1-2018, new regulations will be in place for scooters and mopeds in Amsterdam.

New regulations for scooters and mopeds in Amsterdam 2018

New regulations as per 1-1-2018
As from 1-1-2018, new regulations will be in place for scooters and mopeds in Amsterdam. Scooters …Read More

approach and services

Looking for rental properties for your international employees?

More and more companies in The Netherlands assist their international employees with finding suitable rental properties. Especially in the Randstad (mid-west) …Read More

A new international school in Haarlem will open in September 2017.

New international school in Haarlem

A new international school in Haarlem will open in September 2017. This was declared by Haarlem’s alderman Merijn Snoek. The school will be …Read More

Waiting time for local registration increasing

Waiting time for local registration

Currently, the local registration procedure might take some time. Due to the increased influx, the ExpatCenters have become very busy, leading …Read More

international schools in the Netherlands

International schools in the Netherlands

There are various international schools in the Netherlands (state and private schools). The state schools usually offer the international curriculum, whereas …Read More


Globalization and your personal financial situation

Globalization: a significant factor
One of the main reasons why people move from the one country to the other is globalization. Globalization links …Read More

driving in the Netherlands

Driving in the Netherlands

Driving your own car gives the feeling of freedom. So, we understand very well why most of our clients wish …Read More

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