Breedte test

I want to employ an Expat, what now?

What are the immigration procedures for working/living in the Netherlands?

I need suitable schooling for my children

I am looking for suitable housing in the Netherlands

Making moves easier – offer orientation!

Specialist job openings are hard to fill as we concluded in our recent article about challenges in recruitment. Many companies

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one year of GDPR

One year of GDPR; what does this mean?

Last Saturday it was one year ago that GDPR came into effect. Understanding the regulation and living it isn’t always

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Settle Service achieves re-certification of EuRa Global Quality Seal

Re-certification EuRa Global Quality Seal achieved!

Re-certification 2018
We are utterly proud to inform you that Settle Service has achieved the re-certification of the EuRa Global Quality Seal.

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Technology plays an important role in our lives. In this article you will read how it helps you in your relocation process to your new destination.

Technology and relocation services

Technology and relocation services are inevitably intertwined.  The way we provide our services with the support of technology is becoming

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Settle Service provides you excellent relocation assistance. Our team is driven to assist in such a way that you feel we have exceeded your expectations.

Relocation assistance for you

We at Settle Service feel driven to assist our clients in such a way that you feel we have exceeded

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Settle Service recertified for EuRA Global Quality Seal

Settle Service is pleased to announce that the company can continue to use the quality mark for relocation providers. For

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quality, our top priority

Quality; what does that mean?

At Settle Service, delivering excellent services is one of our top priorities. But what are excellent services? Quality; what does that

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Moment of fame for Settle Service: the story of Hassan

Settle Service’s moment of fame

To my suprise, I was approached by a television producer a while back. He asked me if we would be willing to record

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Settle Service relocation company

25 years of Settle Service – destination services in the Netherlands

Settle Service was one of the first relocation service providers in the Netherlands when it was founded in 1990. The

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