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Challenges in recruitment

Challenges for HR managers

Tight labour market

The labour market in the Netherlands and surrounding countries is tight. So tight that in the recruitment it is often challenging to find the right person for the right position.

This forces companies to search for suitable candidates across borders. Even highly skilled people from abroad may be challenging to find as also in other countries the labour market has changed.

Recruitment of people from abroad

It’s becoming more and more challenging for HR managers to find suitable candidates for job positions that require specialized skills. Companies ask far more than solely specific skills required for the job. Employees are also expected to adapt and extend their knowledge rapidly and extensively. Companies on the other hand need to consider the ever-changing environments and economies. Undutchables Recruitment Agency, specialized in recruiting multilingual candidates are experienced in tackling such challenges. Through their in-person interviewing process, they are able to identify candidates that not only possess the required skills but are a fit to the organization and are able to quickly adapt themselves to the organizations’ processes.

Once you have found the perfect employee for a position abroad, what’s next? Which steps do you need to take in order to relocate this employee to The Netherlands? Which legal steps need to be taken to legally employ this candidate? How much time, money and effort do you need to invest and if you do so will this process succeed? Is the candidate trustworthy? These are just a few questions you will have to deal with.

It may also be possible that you will find a candidate that originally comes from abroad yet already lives in the Netherlands. If your candidate holds a non EU nationality then you will have to notify the immigration authorities IND.

The formal side of recruiting people from abroad

Applying for a recognised sponsorship, immigration applications; highly skilled migrant procedures, intra corporate transferee procedures or an RNI (Register Non-Inhabitant) registration. Which procedure should a company choose for and how do you know if you apply the correct procedure? Are the IND and the municipality informing me correctly? What should we organize for the international employees and what should the employees organize themselves? What relocation services are usually provided for an international employees?

These steps require a certain amount of knowledge and bring a huge workload. Most of Settle Service’s customers have decided to (partially or fully) outsource the assistance that employees need in a relocation/immigration process. This ensures professional, efficient and timely processes for the HR manager without having to deal with all the (governmental) organizations and legal issues during the relocation. Moreover, the new employee feels welcome and taken care of.

The 30% ruling; an extra recruitment asset

If you hire people from abroad (>150 kilometers from the Dutch border) and they meet certain criteria, foremost the salary level, they might be eligible for the 30% ruling. This means that the first 30% of the salary will be non taxable, so the net income is considerably higher. This ruling can play an important role in your future employee’s decision to accept the job!


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