Corona and living in the Netherlands

The corona virus has been officially detected in the Netherlands for the first time on February 27th, 2020 in the South of the country.

Like almost all governments in the world the Dutch government has implemented measures to control the virus. The measures taken have a big effect on the day-to-day life in the Netherlands yet are less strict than in some other countries.

Some expats living in the Netherlands are going through a hard time. Being away from family an friends in times like these can be diffcult and can cause stress.

Settle Service offers (adjusted) relocation services to make sure that the practical matters in your life in the Netherlands are taken care of.

Within the Corona section of our website, we provide a lot of valid information for our clients. We try to answer as many questions as possible, such as: Can I extend my residence permit? What are the corona measures in the Netherlands? Can I leave the Netherlands? What are the travel restrictions from and or to the Netherlands? Etc.

Please feel free to contact our office for any kind of help you might need in these difficult times. Remember, we make moves, so you don’t have to!

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Bruce Springsteen released a song entitled “my home town” in 1984, during which time mine was Groningen, the largest city in northern Holland. This Dutch city is not only notable for its size (6th in the Netherlands), but also for the important role it plays in this area of Holland. With more than 50’000 students out of […]

My home town: Groningen

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