Extension of residence permit during corona outbreak

If your residence permit is almost expiring, we understand your concern regarding the corona virus outbreak in the Netherlands. The IND still accepts your application for the extension of residence permit, but there are some changes in the later stages of the extension process. For example, when providing new biometric information and collecting your extended residence permit.

Can I extend my residence permit during the corona outbreak?

You can be reassured, the IND still accepts applications for extension of residence permit in the Netherlands. Therefore you can still extend your residence permit during the corona virus outbreak, under the condition that you meet the usual criteria for extension.

Can I provide biometric information and collect my new residence permit?

Please check our article “Obtain and collect residence permit during the corona virus outbreak” for the answer.

What happens if my residence permit expires and I have not yet collected my extended residence permit?

Even without your residence document or residence sticker you still have the rights associated with your valid residence document. You can continue working, but we advise to keep the IND confirmation of receipt with you at all times, and the IND positive intention letter if your application has already been approved.

I hold a short-stay visa, but I am unable to leave the Netherlands. What must I do?

If you are in the Netherlands on a short-stay visa and unable to leave the country, you can only apply for a visa extension by telephone (088 0430430). Your visa extension is only valid in the Netherlands and will be registered in the European Visa Information System (VIS).

If you do not require a short-stay visa, for example because of your nationality, you should also apply for an extension by telephone.

If you are living in our country, we are pleased to assist you with the extension of residence permit in the Netherlands. Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you would like our assistance, or in case you have any questions.

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