Property viewings during corona outbreak

Given the current personal distancing guidelines imposed by the authorities, the property viewings in the Netherlands in order to find a (rental) property has had to adjust a bit. Using technology and a bit of creativity we can still help you find a great (rental) property.

Are real estate agents still working?

Yes, realtors are indeed still working in the Netherlands and eager to assist you find a rental property, just perhaps at a distance of 1.5 meters. Some realtors are not allowing in-person viewings, only video viewings. Most are using common sense guidelines such as only allowing 1 person to come to viewings (no partners), use of hand sanitizer etc.. Those that do still provide personal viewings of course prefer to avoid personal meetings with clients who aren’t feeling well, have recently been in “at risk” areas or who have been in contact with potentially infected individuals. Common sense basically.

Can Settle Service still help me find an apartment during the corona outbreak?

Absolutely. Our consultants have been inside hundreds of apartments and know their city like the back of their hands. So even though they can’t physically accompany you in the current situation, they can still provide excellent guidance and advice during a property viewing.

How can I find an apartment if there’s no personal contact?

We recommend starting with a detailed housing call with one of our seasoned consultants, preferably both in front of your computers, so you can look together at property links and a map of the viewing route. The consultant can provide their feedback on properties, give input on the neighbourhoods and suggestions of what specifically to look for and ask during viewings. We’ll make sure there are clear directions and plenty of time to get from one appointment to the next.

Is it still possible to have property viewings in the Netherlands during the corona outbreak?

Yes, it is. Both realtors and our consultants are doing everything they can to be flexible. You can go to property viewings on your own with our consultant joining via video call. The other way around is also possible. Our consultant can go to the viewing, with you joining via video call. As of course most people are working from home now, it can be that some properties can’t be viewed as the tenant is not willing to accommodate viewings.

Settle Service is here for you when you need to find accommocation in the Netherlands during the corona virus outbreak.

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