Corona and relocating to the Netherlands

Numerous countries are taking drastic measures to prevent the further spread of the corona virus. It is perfectly possible that new measures will yet be introduced, and the situation can change rapidly. These measures have far-reaching consequences for people who want to travel.

With the country currently in semi-lockdown, you might wonder whether it is still possible to proceed with your relocation to the Netherlands.

Yes, relocating to the Netherlands is still possible. The Netherlands has not closed its borders. Yet there are some restrictions for travelling from abroad. When you arrive in the Netherlands, Settle Service will make sure you get settled in as quickly as possible.

What if you recently relocated to the Netherlands, but are still in your settling in process? No worries, Settle Service is at your service! We can assist you even with the day-to-day restrictions due to the corona measures in place.

Within the Corona section of our website, we provide a lot of valid information for our clients. We try to answer as many questions as possible, such as: What are the corona measures in the Netherlands? Can I enter the Netherlands with my Visa? Can I find a (rental) property in the Netherlands? Etc.

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