Travelling to the Netherlands

Thinking about travelling to the Netherlands during the corona virus outbreak? Please note that there are certain travel restrictions. Below we answers a few questions.

Can I travel to the Netherlands during the corona outbreak?

Yes and No. There currently is a travel ban for all non-essential travels. But the Dutch border are not in lock down.

What are the travel restrictions to the Netherlands?

The travel restriction does not apply to EU citizens (including UK nationals), Nationals of Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and their family members. Furthermore, holders of a Dutch residence permit or an MVV visa will be granted entry to the Netherlands. For the full list of exceptions to the travel ban, please visit the government’s website.

Can I travel to the Netherlands with a short-stay tourist visa?

No, unfortunately currently you will be refused entry to the Netherlands.

Can I travel to the Netherlands with a long-stay MVV visa?

If you did not yet collect your MVV visa, please note that all consulates and embassies are closed for MVV collection.

If you have already collected your MVV visa, you can travel to the Netherlands and will be granted entry. Please do note that there is only a limited number of flights available, and if you already booked a flight, kindly check with your airline if all will go through as planned.

Can I travel to the Netherlands if I am MVV exempt?

If you do not need an MVV visa because of your nationality, you cannot travel to the Netherlands at the moment. This will last until at least 15 May. If you are MVV exempt because you hold a valid residence permit of another Schengen country, you can still travel to the Netherlands with your valid residence permit of the other Schengen country.

If you will be travelling to the Netherlands during the corona virus outbreak, we advise that you travel well informed and in a well-documented way. Settle Service is there for you to answer your questions.

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