Corona measures in the Netherlands

‘Permanent’ corona measures

The more ore less permanent anti corona measures in the Netherlands are;

  • wash your hands often, 20 seconds per time.
  • keep a distance of at least 1,5 meters to all people that do not belong to your household.
  • sneeze/cough in your elbow and wash your hands afterwards.

The Dutch government is convinced that these corona measures are very important. By obeying them you will be safer than if you wear masks or gloves, so they say.

Changing corona measures

Other corona measures differ per the phase of the disease. You will find an overview of the current measures on the Dutch government’s website.

Travelling is permitted in the Netherlands yet it is not advised if there is no need. Necessary travel (fi if you’re a doctor or a nurse, or if you have a very ill family member) is always permitted.

The Dutch borders are open for EU citizens and non EU citizens with a valid residence permit or a valid entry visa MVV. Yet there is a travel ban on non-essential travels. Please see our article about travelling to the Netherlands.

Corona tests

Since May there are more tests available, for medical personnel, for elderly homes’ personnel and for educational staff. The number of tests will be extended, the expectation is that in June everyone with Corona symptoms can be tested.

Corona tracking app

The Dutch government is working on a tracking app, that will enable to see with whom a Corona infected person has been in contact. This will hinder the further expansion of the virus.

Do you think you are infected?

Stay at home. If you have fever of more than 38 degrees Celsius your family members also have to stay at home.

If your complaints get worse (higher fever, respiratory probems) contact your GP and ask for advice. Do not go to the GP or a hospital yourself as you may infect other people.

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