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The coronavirus outbreak, and the measures taken to restrict the spreading of the virus in the Netherlands, have a huge impact on the Dutch economy, and affect your business and your employees.

Being an employer in the Netherlands with international employees complicates things even more. Your employees might want to leave the Netherlands and work from their home country. Or are facing the expiration date of their residence permit in the Netherlands.

Settle Service is here to assist both you and your employee in these difficult and complicated times.

Within the Corona section of our website, we provide a lot of valid information for our clients. We try to answer as many questions as possible such as: Can my employee come to the Netherlands? My employee does not have a BSN yet, how can we pay salary? My employee wants to leave the Netherlands, what do we have to do? Etc.

Remember, we make move, so you don’t have to.

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The deadline for Brexit is now October 31st. It may well be that there will be no deal (Dutch bank ING thinks the chance is 25%) by that date. What does a no-deal Brexit mean for UK citizens living in the Netherlands? Arrival before March 29, 2019 You have most probably received a temporary residence […]

Brexit for UK citizens living in the Netherlands; update

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