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Cost-saving adjustments of IND fees per 3 May 2018

Cost-saving news!

We are happy to share some cost-saving news with our clients. Recently, The IND calculated new cost prices and announced that they will reduce the IND fees for several applications.  Some of the adjustments are even quite significant. Additional good news is that no rates will be increased. The IND fees will be adjusted per 3 May 2018. Consequently, the new fees will apply to applications submitted on or after 3 May 2018. The adjustments are applicable to the following residence permits:

Type of application Current fee New fee per 3 May 2018
To work on a self-employed basis € 1.336 € 1.325
To work as a highly skilled migrant € 938 € 582
To stay as an EU Blue Card holder € 909 € 661
Seasonal labour € 802 € 570
Intra Corporate Transferee € 938 € 582
To gain work experience as a trainee or apprentice € 802 € 570
Study € 321 € 192
To look for a job after study, promotion or scientific research € 641 € 285
Exchange, whether or not within the framework of a convention € 641 € 283
Replacement, due to theft, loss, damage or change of personal details € 267 € 132
Extension* € 401 € 355
Recognition as a sponsor € 5.345 € 3.861
Recognition as a small business / sponsor start-up € 2.672 € 1.930

* The aforesaid rate for the extension is the standard fee rate.  However, there are some exceptions. For example, for the extension of the residence objectives ‘stay as family member’ and ‘study’.

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