Dutch resident permits for non EU students in Aachen

Resident permits for non EU students

As of April 1 2016, a pilot has started allowing Non-EU students attending the University of Aachen (Germany), to live just across the Dutch border (in Heerlen or Kerkrade) with a Dutch Residence Permit. Reason for this is that  the University of Aachen expects to face a shortage of student accommodation in the next few years. There is more offer on the housing market in the South of the Netherlands, especially in Heerlen and Kerkrade, cities that border Germany, so this seems to be an easy solution. Also, this pilot fits in well with the cross-border cooperation. Especially, when it comes to education and knowledge development. It will last for 5 years and evaluation will take place after 2 years. If successful, the pilot may be continued.

There are some limits, especially with concerns to the number of students and the duration of the permits. 75 Non EU students of the Aachen University may be eligible for a 1 year Dutch Residence Permit. After this initial year, the assumption is that they will be able to find their own room in Aachen.

Are you a non EU student planning to study in Aachen? Is it difficult to find accommodation? Please contact your student administration,  the Dutch immigration services or our office for more information!