I want to employ an expat, what now?

How to employ an expat? Employing an expat entails different steps than hiring someone from the local job market. Settle Service can guide you through this process step-by-step.


Compliance is an essential part of modern Human Resource Management. Settle Service can provide peace of mind by ensuring all documents are in order and your company meets the ever-evolving immigration requirements of the Netherlands.

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Is it the first time you’re hiring a non-EU citizen? Utilizing our knowledge and expertise, Settle Service will guide you through the expedited process to become a recognized sponsor of the Dutch Immigration & Naturalisation Service (IND). Your company can enjoy the benefits of the international talent pool before you know it!

Expat Services

We offer a wide variation of immigration and relocation services and packages:

Our goal is to make moves, so you don’t have to.

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Contact us if you too want a stress-free experience when you employ an expat!

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This article covers a very important topic: highly skilled migrants and unemployment. What are the regulations if unemployment hits and you wish to stay in the Netherlands? New regulation The aim of The Dutch government is to keep talent in the country. Therefore they changed an important regulation concerning unemployment. The previous rule was that highly skilled migrants […]

Highly skilled migrants and unemployment

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