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What is the salary Highly Skilled Migrants must receive?

The highly skilled migrant (HSM) procedure is used for employees with a non-EU nationality who work on a local (Dutch) contract. The question if those employees are highly skilled is measured by their income level, not so much through their educational or professional background. So, what is the minimum salary highly skilled migrants must receive?

Salary highly skilled migrants

The HSM salary requirement changes per year. It is very important that the salaries of your non-EU highly skilled migrants always meet the requirement, even if the employee works parttime. We strongly advise you to check this as the IND does check this regularly.

Below the new salary highly skilled migrants must earn as from 1 January 2019:

  • Younger than 30 years: €3.299,00 gross per month excluding holiday allowance;
  • 30 years or older: €4.500,00 gross per month excluding holiday allowance;
  • When following an orientation year or within 3 years after graduating or work as a scientific researcher: €2.364,00 gross per month excluding holiday allowance;
  • European Blue Card: €5.172,00 gross per month excluding holiday allowance.

Our highly skilled migrant permit service

Settle Service offers many immigration services, including application for the HSM permit. We inform the employer and the employee about the required documents and will prepare and submit the immigration documents. We coordinate any necessary appointments at the GGD for a TB test and immigration authorities. During the process, we keep all parties proactively informed.

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