Am I eligible for the 30% ruling?

Many expats wonder whether they are eligible for the 30% ruling. The 30% ruling offers compensation for the extra costs that people from abroad make when they choose to live and work in the Netherlands.

Eligibility check

If you would like to examine your eligibility, please check our handy 30% ruling survey tool.

As you know, the eligibility for the 30% ruling is checked using different factors, not only salary. Recruitment from abroad, former residency on more than 150 kilometers from the Dutch border, and past stays in the Netherlands, are also conditions that have to be met.

Fast track 30% ruling service

Settle Service offers a fast track 30% ruling service , which means implementation can be immediate after we have officially established you are eligible for the 30% ruling.

Contact our office and let us take care of your application!


Settle Blog

The provisional salary requirements for the 30% ruling as per 1 January 2018  are: Regular: € 37.296,00 Lower criteria for masters younger than 30 years: € 28.350,00 Be aware, that these have not yet been confirmed by the Tax Authorities! Settle Service can assist you with a fast track 30% ruling service and advise you on this […]

Provised salary requirements 2018 for the 30% ruling

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