What must I do when Brexit takes place?

When Brexit will take place, the immigration status and the validity of the driving licence of UK nationals living in the Netherlands will change. This requires action!

BSNApplication long-term residence permit

If you have lived in the Netherlands more than five years and have been registered here during this period it would be good to apply for a permit for indefinite stay. If you go for the indefinite residence permit, you will be exempted from the civil integration exam and the work permit requirement as long as you were registered at local authorities before the date of Brexit.

Settle Service inform you about the required documents and will analyze your situation to evaluate your eligibility. If we think your application will be approved we will start up, prepare and submit it within 1 business after receipt of your documentation. You will frequently receive our progress updates until you will receive the decision of the Dutch immigration authorities.

Exchange driver’s licence

If you register as a resident in the Netherlands before the UK leaves the EU, you have 15 months from the date that the UK leaves the EU to exchange, and you won’t have to retake your driving test. If you register as a resident in the Netherlands after the date when Brexit takes place, you must retake your driving test within 185 days to obtain a Dutch driving licence.

Settle Service can assist you with the exchange of your driver’s licence. You will receive a list of the required documents and we will submit the application within 1 business day. This is an administrative procedure.

Contact us and we help you be prepared with our Brexit Services!


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