Festivals in the Netherlands

Living in the Netherlands is not just about work, right? There are many festivals in the Netherlands the coming months. All culture lovers can find a festival that suits them since they all have their specialty.

Pop festivals in the Netherlands

Are you interested to visit a pop festival? All festivals are listed in a chronological order on this site.

There are famous large events, like Awakenings in Spaarnwoude, North Sea Jazz Festival in Rotterdam, Dance Valley in Velsen, Lowlands in Biddinghuizen. Smaller events are for instance the Luminosity Beach Festival in Bloemendaal and 18hrs Festival in Zaandam.

Classical music and theatre festivals in the Netherlands

More a classical music lover? There are festivals for you the coming months as well! The summer concerts in the Royal Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, the Gergiev Festival and Holland Festival are well-known and offer a variety of beautiful music.

Theatre lover? Please find your festivals listed here.

Other touristy advices

As you can see, if you decide to stay here in the coming months there is a good offer of festivals in the Netherlands. Apart from that you can also enjoy the beautiful nature. The eastern part of the Netherlands (de Achterhoek) is very special, as are the islands in the Waddenzee. My most favourite island is Schiermonnikoog, small yet very beautiful and no cars allowed for visitors. This means that you can only bike and walk there. Same goes for Vlieland, also very pretty. Limburg is a province in the south, very different from the rest of the country. There are hills and the atmosphere is more Burgundian. Even Dutch people have difficulty understanding the Limburgian dialect!

So, whether you go to a festival or visit a region in the Netherlands, you can always find a good summer activity. Let’s hope for a lot of good wheather, Dutch summers traditionally are not famous for that. Wishing you a good summer!