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Future immigration developments

This article covers the immigration developments we can expect in the (near) future. We happily share this information to make sure our clients remain compliant in all regulations.

Highly Skilled Migrants

The need for highly skilled migrants in the Netherlands is high and will most probably increase in the coming years. In a reaction to an advice of the SER (the most influential governmental advisory board in the Netherlands), the Dutch Cabinet acknowledges the fact that the cultural diversity and the networks that highly skilled migrants bring are valuable for the Netherlands and the Dutch economy. As a result of this, we expect some developments in the immigration laws for highly skilled migrants in the near future.

Upcoming changes

The demand for highly skilled migrants comes from companies located in the Netherlands and wish to work with multicultural teams. Or sometimes have to, because there may be a lack of skilled people in certain areas. The Cabinet has stated its intent to better facilitate the companies to attract the talent they require.

Changes to current regulations will probably take place in the coming months. These changes include extending the ‘search (or orientation) year’ regulation, making the rules regarding hiring highly skilled migrants on a project basis more flexible,  and differentation of the fees for recognised sponsorship. The latter is an important development for companies that only have a limited number of incoming employees per year. Now, the fee to become a recognised sponsor is around €6000,-, regardless of the company’s situation. More differentation in fees will mean that more companies might make the decision to become a recognised sponsor.

Digital applications

Besides the adjustments to the regulations, there will also be important more operational changes. The website of the Dutch immigration authorities IND will be improved and digital submissions of applications will be introduced in the coming year. Currently, there is a running pilot which involves Settle Service.  After a positive evaluation, the pilot will be extended until all recognised sponsors are able to submit their applications digitally.

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