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New Years’s Resolution 2018: happy and fit

Happy and fit

Our resolution for 2018? Stay happy and fit! Working in the relocation business can be stressful at times and although we love what we do, sometimes one just needs to blow off some steam. We all know that sitting behind your desk for hours in a row is counterproductive, but yet we tend to sit in our office chair for at least 8 hours a day without taking proper breaks other then a short walk to the water cooler, kettle or coffee machine. So, in the absence of an office gym, we started the new year with Deskercising!

Happy team members – happy clients

Staying healthy means staying happy which leads to better work results and consequently happier clients. As service excellence is our top priority, the more reason to start the new year positively and with new energy and motivation.

As a first exercise we chose Planking.

Five reasons why Planking is the ultimate Deskercise:

  • It can be done by anyone
  • You do not need equipment
  • It can be done anywhere
  • There is always time for it
  • You will experience improvement everyday.

We are now four business days in and we are staying strong!