Has the increase of rental housing prices finally reached it’s limit?

Finding affordable rental properties in the Netherlands, and especially in the bigger cities, can be downright frustrating at the moment. The shortage of rental properties in the private housing market is very much noticeable. Rental housing prices have been increasing for quite a while now. In Amsterdam, it even brought up the average rental price to €18,59 per m2.

Increase levels off

But good news is on the way. Research done by the Dutch associations of realtors and assessors (NVM and VGM), shows that the increase of the rental housing prices levels off. That seems to indicate that the ceiling of what tenants are willing to pay is in sight. Finally!
The rental housing prices in Utrecht have even already shown a small decrease. However, this has also been influenced by an increase of supply on the rental market. Several larger newly constructed housing complexes have positively influenced the housing shortage in this area.

Lowest rental prices

In the provinces Friesland, Drenthe, Flevoland and Limburg, the prices are currently lowest. Something to keep in mind when you look for a rental property within a lower price range. Take a look at our article about the rental housing market in the Netherlands. Here we give you more tips on how to strategize within the current housing market.