Making moves easier – offer orientation!

Specialist job openings are hard to fill as we concluded in our recent article about challenges in recruitment. Many companies choose to recruit abroad to find the best talent. However, the best talented candidates get multiple job offers. How often did you get the question “Uh… you want me to move to… where”? How do you convince your candidates to take the step and move to the Netherlands for your company? A good orientation may help.

The Netherlands

Many people from abroad do not know our country. Or people only know some touristy things (wooden shoes, windmills, etc.). Not strange given the fact that the Netherlands is such a tiny country. Yet it has a powerhouse economy, it’s safe and health care and education are excellent. It is the fifth happiest country in the world according to Forbes and has the best life-work balance in the world according to The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Reason enough to get to know the country a little bit, I would say!

Making moves easier – orientation

Once candidates get to know the Netherlands a bit, many of them will want to live in or around Amsterdam. Rotterdam also attracts many newcomers. As a company you want to attract the best people. An orientation can make the difference helping people decide to come to the Netherlands and work for you! Settle Service’s consultants provide detailed city and neighbourhood tours to provide expats with a good yet realistic picture of the city where they will live. The result in many cases is a “Yes, I will move to the Netherlands for your company”.


As a company with job openings,  you want to see quick results. You want those positions filled! An extra orientation step may take too much time or cost too much. Settle Service has thought about this and will offer a brand new ‘long distance solution’ as of mid-September. Your candidates can stay at home and still get a good idea of how their life in Amsterdam or Rotterdam will be.

New orientation tool

More info about this cool new solution to get your candidates to sign their job offer and move to the Netherlands will follow shortly. Just keep an eye on Settle Service blog or follow us on LinkedIn!