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Moving to the Netherlands: much more than just Amsterdam!

The Netherlands is a fairly popular location for expats. For many people, when they think of moving to the Netherlands, they think of Amsterdam. Of course, this is understandable as Amsterdam is the capital city. And a world reknowned tourist destination. It boasts a vibrant nightlife, a wealth of art and culture, and charm and beauty. The latter owed to it’s signature canals and walkways.

Other Dutch cities

However, if it’s modern cities that take your fancy, you may be interested in Utrecht, The Hague or perhaps Rotterdam with it’s notable port and avant garde architecture.

While Amsterdam has many positive attractions, the cost of life is relatively high and there are many other enticing cities in the Netherlands. It is important to remember that the Netherlands really is a relatively small country with great transport links. Depending on the location of your employment and the needs of your family, you could consider Utrecht, Leiden, Alkmaar, the Hague, or Haarlem; all of which are historical cities near Amsterdam. All of the aforementioned locations are under one hour from Amsterdam by train. So, when moving to the Netherlands, your choices are plentiful!

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