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New regulations for scooters and mopeds in Amsterdam 2018

New regulations as per 1-1-2018

As from 1-1-2018, new regulations will be in place for scooters and mopeds in Amsterdam. Scooters and mopeds from before 2010 are no longer welcome in most of the city. Exception is the rural area of Amsterdam North; the Durgerdam, Holysloot, Ransdorp and Zunderdorp villages. Although there are some exceptions, the city council plans to ban almost all ‘old’ scooters and mopeds.

If you would like to buy a scooter or a moped, please do take note of its production date. To emphasize, buying a cheap one from before 2010 may turn out to be an expensive decision in the end.

Moreover, the community of Amsterdam aims to ban scooters and mopeds from bike paths. They would have to use the main road. As you can understand, this  also can be quite risky, as they need to manage between cars and buses. Reason is that the bike paths are very crowded already without the scooters and mopeds and that they are involved in a very high number of accidents. 80% of all scooter riders regularly exceed their speeding limit, making bikers feel unsafe. New national legislation is needed to implement this regulation. The earliest start date can be March 2018. Amsterdam is ambitious and aims for the soonest implementation date possible.

It may well be possible that other big cities (the Hague, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Eindhoven) will follow the example that Amsterdam has set.

Please see for more information.