One year of GDPR; what does this mean?

Last Saturday it was one year ago that GDPR came into effect. Understanding the regulation and living it isn’t always easy, yet it is one of our key priorities, as you may read in our privacy statement.

Relocation services before GDPR

Before GDPR’s implementation we already knew how important it was to handle our clients’ information carefully. We already had systems in place in which people could upload their information safely and strongly advised our clients to do so. However, if this didn’t work, we also accepted mails containing personal information. Moreover, we also shared information by mail if there was no better alternative.

The implementation of GDPR one year ago

Like in many companies many of my colleagues thought that it would not be feasible to comply with the GDPR regulation. If we could not send emails containing personal information anymore, how would we be able to do our work?!
On another level, the amount of data protection agreements and their contents meant a lot of work for everybody involved. You can only sign an agreement after  reading it and some concepts were not good enough to sign. Not all of our corporate customers were aware of the fact that we had to sign such an agreement and many third parties thought that we could just continue our cooperation as it was.

One year of GDPR

Now, one year after the implementation of GDPR we see that for Settle Service working according to the GDPR rules has become a second nature. We have found good ways to safely share information if required. Of course there are still areas for improvement; personal data protection is a continuous process.
GDPR means more bureaucracy, yet also better processes to assist our clients.


As said, complying with GDPR is a continuous process and it is key that we stay  aware of the necessity to safeguard our clients’ information. Recent news about a real estate agent who was hacked makes us even more aware of that. However, living the GDPR regulation goes beyond our own company, it also concerns all parties that we work with.

A useful and interesting video explaining GDPR can help to know more about the regulation. Take a look! If you have any specific questions about how Settle Service deals with your data privacy, please contact me. As the privacy officer, I will be happy to answer them!