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Relocation assistance for you


We at Settle Service feel driven to assist our clients in such a way that you feel we have exceeded your expectations. We think that the quality of service that you perceive is determined by a combination of personal contact and technology. This technology should fit perfectly into the personal contact and vice versa. Technology makes a relocation process easier and faster and also provides overview and efficieny.  Technology helps us to help you by providing the right information at the right moment. But, personal contact makes the icing on the cake. And isn’t it true that cake tastes so much better with icing?!

Setting expectations and planning

When moving from one country to another, you will have expectations about what you will find there. For instance, housing (houses are relatively small in the Netherlands) or the bureaucracy (most people do not expect this; the Netherlands is rather bureaucratic!). It is our role to find out what you expect and try to determine what the differences are between your expectations and the actual situation in the Netherlands. Discussing and setting expectations is a combination of providing the correct information (possibly through technology) and personal contact. We need your personal input in order to service you optimally.

The planning is almost as important. Some things must be planned in a certain order, so that at the end of the day we arrange everything corresponding to your personal situation. This is where the technology plays an important role too. Our back office system helps us to remember all the steps that one needs to plan and arrange within the set time period.

The most recent technological development that you as well as we will work with is mysettleservice. This is an interactive 100% responsive tool. Information about the Netherlands and your city of interest will show. It provides settling in information and settling in tasks with clear instructions. We may chat about proposed properties. The tool also automatically generates an agenda with maps, once we start making appointments through mysettleservice.

Mysettleservice is one tool, in which all of your relevant relocation information will be present and stored. No more lost emails, always available, everything in one tool. Moreover, mysettleservice gives us the chance to optimize our personal relationship with you!

Our team can assist you with a wide variety of Relocation, Immigration and 30% services. Please feel free to contact us and see how we can be of assistance!